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May I use somewhere else? Press to expand/collapse

Yes, of program. Various loan providers have various criteria. This implies another loan provider could accept you for credit, also you down for a mortgage if we turn.

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1. Look at your credit history

Issues on the file can trigger a rejection that is automatic.

The report will identify any presssing problems impacting you physically. These could possibly be:

  • Undesirable credit history
  • When you yourself have too much financial obligation currently
  • Long-forgotten cards or loan facilities you have never ever terminated
  • Mistakes
  • Potential ID fraud
  • False links to family members or partners that are former bad documents

2. Take control of your spending

Loan providers no longer provide easy multiples of salary.

Alternatively they determine what size that loan you really can afford once your entire other bills are compensated – in addition they check your bank statements.

A lot lately, it’s worth postponing an application until you’ve had at least six clean months if you’ve been over your agreed overdraft limit.

3. Be practical about home values

Prior to starting in search of a house, attempt to do a little online investigation to discover just what comparable properties have actually offered for in your community you will be purchasing. It is usually far better do your amounts before you put in a offer.

4. Have actually you supplied the right information?

Simple mistakes such as for example detailing your wage and overtime re re payments into the incorrect containers can trigger rejections. (more…)

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